A NEW Angel Healing ~ Delicious


A New SVH Trigger Process:


It’s free, it’s fabulous and can be implemented any time, any where. (30 minutes)

  Delicious Angel Healing by Jill Marie [46]      Click on the picture below \/

Click on the picture above /\

Dear Friends of SVH and Angels,

Delicious Angel Healing is one of the yummiest healing processes I have ever experienced.

When you activate this SVH Trigger Process, angels fill the space of the room you are in and the walls and ceiling ethereally transform to crystal.

The angels pour unconditional love in to the space of the room and pool it above you, then drawing the love down in to your energy body through a funnel like stream that continues for eleven minutes while your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator identify areas of the body that are affected by genetic and current life experience imprints and beliefs that are fueling the physical body imbalance your angel healing addresses.

This delicious flow of unconditional love healing from the angels is like floating in the clouds for eleven minutes as an energy stream carries you up to the heavens for a celestial healing. In fact, the final step of Delicious Angel Healing is your journey with Archangel Michael as he transports you to Imphara for a nine hour rejuvenating treatment in a crystalline angel healing chamber.

This new SVH Trigger Process: Delicious Angel Healing is available for you to call upon at any time. Once activated, this trigger process initiates the healing procedure when you think the words Delicious Angel Healing with an intention to activate the angel healing procedure.

To access and activate this trigger process for your use, please listen to the recorded healing steps. Once your trigger process is activated you will be guided through a Delicious Angel Healing that floats on the healing tones of Eloiwa’s ‘Sweet Serenity’.  Enjoy.

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Delicious Angel Healing