Angel Names

* Ariel - (Auriel) nature spirits animals guidance career manifesting. Rose Quartz / Aries.
* Asariel - Neptune
* Azrael - healing bereaved, helping souls cross over (Graduation) grief counselor. White / Yellow Calcite / Capricorn / Pluto.
* Cassiel - Planet Saturn  
* Camael - Aries / Mars.
* Chamuel - Sees God. Orange/green. Love peace nurturing / Fluorite / Taurus.
* Gabriel - Gods strength. Indigo/white. Vision pure knowing direction messages parenting & birth / Copper / Cancer / Moon
* Hagiel -   / Taurus / Venus.
* Haniel - Awakening trust gifts clairvoyance emotional healing for women. Pale blue / Moonstone / all astrological signs.
* Jeremiel - Spiritual visions clairvoyance regrouping life. Deep purple / Amethyst / Scorpio.
* Jophiel - Beauty uplifting & clearing clutter. Yellow / pink. Awakening inspiration joy / Pink Tourmaline / Libra.
* Melchizedek -
* Metatron - Healing sacred geometry sensitivity young people (Indigo & Crystals) / violet, green / Watermelon Tourmaline / Virgo.
* Michael - like God. Blue/Gold/Purple. Strength truth protection integrity confidence safety / Sugilite / Leo / Sun.
* Raphael - Healing. Green/Pink. All healing surgery pain relationships & soul mate for people & animals / Emerald / Gemini / Mercury.
* Raguel - harmony and healing for arguments Attracting new friends. Pale blue / Aquamarine  / Sagittarius
* Raziel - secrets of the universe healing past lives wisdom dreams. Rainbow / Clear Quartz / Leo
* Sandalphon -  receiving & delivering prayers supports musicians. Turquoise / Pisces
* Seraphiel or Seraqael or Selaphiel - stay focused on your prayers, one of the 7 Gnostic ArchAngels.
* Tzaphkiel - looks after the Binah sphere of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life Sephiroth. Feminine vessel of understanding and intuitive reasoning.
* Uriel - Light/fire. Gold/purple. Peace serenity service ideas insights study writing speaking / Amber / Aquarius / Uranus.
* Zadkiel - Righteousness remembering missions. Violet / deep indigo blue. Mercy tolerance forgive / Lapis Lazuli / Gemini / Jupiter

This information is an idea only. There are billions of Angels and Archangels and Masters out there working with the Creator to help and guide you in your life. They are all special unique and amazing just like you.

Disclaimer: Some things on this page/site are an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please disregard the idea and decide what you want or choose to believe.
This page is continually being updated. Thanks and acknowledgement:
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-‘Angel Bible’, Hazel Raven, A Godsfield Book.
-‘A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy’ - Denise Whichello Brown. D & S Books, UK.
-”Angels are real’, by Michael F Bray - visit books on this site

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Angels and ArchAngels have many names, and they come in all shapes, sizes & talents - they speak all languages - Here are some ideas for you to explore: