Angel Playshops


Angel Community Healing Playshops (previously called workshops) are courses to help you experience your Angelic / Guide team, that you have chosen for this lifetime. We play with your team and explore 4 aspects of communication, Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment (SVH) and several meditations, spiritual journeys, sharing and much more.

More information is available when the Playshop is arranged.

Complimentary refreshments and light snacks available, plus healing, communication information, language of light details, life maintenance ideas and experiential exercises.

Facilitated by Michael Francis Bray, author of ‘Angels are Real’; ‘Playing with Angels’ and ‘Angel and Fairy Alphabet’. About Michael - he has been playing with his Angels since age 5, thats for 65 years.

Come along and explore your uniqueness as you understand how your team help and guides you on your path through life. SVH is an energy healing and prayer modality based on Quantum Level Reprograming. Is your life managed by old beliefs and ancient software?

Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow children are especially invited to attend with an adult (for 1/2 price). Everyone is welcome: SVH honours & respects all belief systems, religions, practices & modalities.

Michael works with his Angels, Guides and Masters and the Creator and ArchAngel Michael with Divine Mother Mary, A/A Metatron, Masters Quan Yin, Jesus, El Moyra and Buddha, Saint Germain, Saint Francis of Assisi and Osiris, Isis, Horus & Thoth, plus many more ancients. We especially work with St. Patrick and St. Brigit in Ireland.

We remind you ~ That you are a Magnificent Amazing Being made from Stardust.

                                    If you need HELP in life - we have Free Help  /  Imphara Healing

Check out the 5 BOOKS by Michael about Angels and Life here.


Currently NOT happening, Sorry !

Duplicate Love & Light - click here

(Playshops will not happen in 2016 in Australia)

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