Help people, countries and Earth flow through changes

When big changes are happening - take time to relax, breathe and send Love to all.

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Being Human - click here - a great read


Let us fly a peace flag for all countries going through changes right now. There is Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, China, Yemen, Spain and Turkey to name a few. Let us remember all peoples seeking fair, honest, transparent governments and people who are choosing freedom and respect with harmony and love.  I was in Egypt in 2009 and in Turkey in January 2013 and also in Egypt (again), Morocco, Spain, Portugal and France in October 2013. There are so many people in amazing countries - wonderful peoples and a vital link between west and east. Here is some interesting info about the changes and what is happening. From Celia Fenn at Star Child Global. With Thanks. We can also support Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, Libya, West Papua & Papua New Guinea and all countries growing and living through change and growth for stability and peace.

Changes: Let us help the peoples of the world live through and experience all the changes that are happening on earth. Let us support non-violence like Gandhi. Let us prayer for the Divine Ideal Outcome for all situations, so the Angels of the country work with the authorities and the peoples for safety and an honouring outcome for all involved. We are now in 5-6 D.

Especially pray and send love to the children and the families with children.

There are so many situations happening and it is all about change, growth, moving forward and being who we really are. Let us also Bless Gaia and all of planet Earth, inside & outside.

Let us all support peoples who are wanting changes. It’s called Freedom. If we can all have the intention for the Divine Ideal Outcome for all, in a peaceful, respectful manner. This year is all about change, let us encourage it and foster peace, love and compassion, while honouring all peoples choices. This is my opinion, Michael Bray.

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Let us use Whispering to pray for peace.  /  Duplicate Love & Light - click here

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