Bringing the feeling and understanding of Angels down to Earth, in a practical and simple manner.

Angels may also be called Spiritual Guides, Wisdom Guides, Helpers, Guides, Protectors, Guardian Angels, Spirit, Wisdom Beings or Ancient Companions; please use whatever name is comfortable for you. There are also Masters, Healers, Archangels and beyond ... the Creator. Here is an idea about the different personality types in children (and everyone). It is a suggestion. We all have these gifts.

How your Angels communicate with you & how you can communicate with yourself, Angels, everyone & animals.


Partly from an article 'Developing Your Innate Pluses', by Linda Palmer, The Times Communicator, Feb. 1988.

A PROPHETIC child is creative and sometimes seems to have a short attention span. Respect of boundaries could

be a weakness. This child may never follow guidelines. They will watch to see if they are being watched and will end up doing what they want anyway. They are the spice of life and can be a lot of fun. A prophetic child never wants to do the same thing twice, they like to go to different places and are never routine in their actions. Respect their sensitivity, creativity and originality. They may be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. They are often 'in space' or out of their body. It is important for them to trust themselves & their sensitivity. This gift has the colour purple. You just know.

Its an inner knowing and it is best you trust it. Go or flow with it and learn to trust. You are the centre of every party. You have a keen sense of smell & the nose knows. Share the fun, joy & happiness of life, with adventure.

A VISIONARY child is clairvoyant or sees in his or her minds eye, they may have imaginary playmates. They need to see things illustrated, demonstrated or written down. They are very influenced by pictures and are interested in toys that are colourful or visual in nature, for example art, kaleidoscopes etc. When asked if they want something this child will often say no when they really want it. They need time to change their present picture. You will need to keep pursuing them until they say they are hungry and what they want to eat. This gift is yellow. You will see energy, usually around people, animals, places or things. You will see aura colours and you usually dream in colour and how you see yourself and others is important to you. You dress neatly. Angels usually look like spheres or balls of light. They may be different colours, sizes and shapes. The Angels, Masters or Guides can appear to you in any way, shape or form they choose. Trust your visions and dreams.

An INTUITIVE child is very independent and wants to do things for them self. Give them their own space so they have time to them selves to be alone. Treat them with respect in your tone of voice. It is more important than love.

Take time to explain things and the big picture. Let them ask questions. He or she loves to be a leader. Put them in charge of something when they get old enough. The intuitive colour is red. You will hear your Angels, they will use a specific tone that is familiar and friendly to you. They will not tell you what to do; they will only give you a suggestion, because they respect your free will. You are born leaders and managers.

A FEELER child is very sensitive and their feelings can be easily hurt. Accept their love and touch them a lot. This will give them a feeling of self-worth. Help them with organisation and direction. Help them put their feelings into words. Give them space and allow them to touch/feel things. Talk about how things feel or how you feel. As an idea; ask them to draw how they feel. Blue is the feeler colour. You will feel Angels, Masters or Guides around you, like 'goose bumps'. Its a positive uplifting feeling. You will feel your way through life, you enjoy details; so if it feels good and positive, do it. Touch people, itʼs how you communicate, but sometimes use your sensitivity, and ask permission first.

. . . . . . . . .

Important information about children:

When we don't understand what is important to each member of the family or to each child we work with, judging may occur. It is important to respect each person as they are. Everyone is unique.

The biggest thing to remember is children are not children. They are old souls or energy or awareness and may have been here before. They have a lot of wisdom and just have young bodies. It is important to look at them as old souls or energy, so they feel your respect for them and feel free to bring out their own unique wisdom. There are also Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children that are here to teach us and help with changes on earth and with humanity.

Everyone (people, animals, Angels, Guides) have all of these gifts. One or two may be prominent. The colours may indicate the aura colour of a person. For example a person who is a Feeler, Prophetic, Visionary, Intuitive (f/p/v/i) may have a lot of blue in their aura, with some purple, then with some yellow and a small amount of red. This person is very sensitive. The aura colour is never constant and can  change often. When you are feeling positive and loving, your aura glows and stretches out. If you are less than 100% Love, then your aura can shrink and change to a dull colour. Some aura’s have holes in them too - just describing.

The gift order indicated above ( P - V - I - F ) is also the gift order of the universe.

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“What is Love? Love is the absence of judgement.” .....Dalai Lama.

Disclaimer: Some things on this page or site are an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs.

There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone.

If this happens, please cancel the idea and decide what you want or choose to believe.

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Angels, Guides, Masters, people & animals all communicate using these 4 ‘gifts’:


You feel your Angels or Guides and you are very sensitive. Blue is your aura colour. Trust what you feel.


Your inner knowing just knows. It is like: your nose knows. You may smell your food before you eat it.

Trusting your inner knowing is very important. Purple is your aura colour.


Using your third eye, you see energy, Angels, lights, aura’s and much more. It is important that people talk to you using pictures, so you can see what they are saying. Your aura colour is Yellow.


You will hear an inner voice that is comforting and truthful. If you hear a command, that is not your Angels or Guides, because they only suggest ideas. Red is your aura colour.

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