Energy  Cords


"Energy Cords Tool":

'Dear Divine Mother, Father, Creator of All that is and ArchAngel Michael, It is my intention to change.

I choose that any and all energy cords attached to me be pulled, washed, cleansed and returned to where they belong. I choose that any and all energy cords I have attached to others, be pulled, washed, cleansed and returned to me now. Thank you.'

Remember, that you are the creator of your reality by your thoughts, words and actions. Choosing to change what your energy is attached to will release your thoughts, words or actions. Replace them with the positive, supportive feeling of love & light; releasing you from limitation & changing your life experience. You may wish to take a moment to notice a shift. Then continue your day in love, light, joy and/or harmony.

‘We are a lighthouse of hope for those who forget that they are love. That they are a magnificent amazing being.

We reflect an unwavering, harmonious, neutral acceptance of all beings and their choices’.

Jill Marie, founder Serenity Vibration Healing®....

Other ways you can protect yourself

  1. -Crystals ~ any crystal shop can help you with these or go to crystals

  2. -Buffer Zone ~ Create a Buffer Zone around you of white light or Love. Update daily.

  3. -Salt Bath ~ make a ‘Salt Bath’ for yourself, use Himalayan Salt and maybe Lavender drops.

  4. -Feel your energy ~ take time to notice your aura, your whole physical body, Love it.

  5. -Time in Nature ~ the Japanese call it a ‘forest shower’ - spend time by yourself there, or ever in a neighbourhood park. Grounding is great - take your shoes off and spend time walking and connecting with nature. You will feel great after it.

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Connections with others ~ CUTTING Energy Cords for Protection