Serenity Fellowship


Serenity Fellowship and Serenity Ministries™ is its own denomination with no dogma. It is supported by a group of Serenity Ministries™ Ministers or Monks, who are here to share healing, harmony, grace and empowerment with all people in their community and country, or around the planet. We are in many countries.

We are a Spiritual Fellowship or gathering that promotes peace, personal empowerment and the collective expansion. We work with your team and many teams of Angels and Guides and the Creator and ArchAngel Michael and many Masters. Now based in Australia, where it was created in Victoria.

“Our doctrines align with sovereignty, autonomy, personal empowerment, development of a sacred and harmonious personal relationship with the Creator and ascension through master expansion.

We are a lighthouse of hope for those who may forget that they are love. We reflect an unwavering, harmonious, neutral acceptance of all beings and their choices.

We anchor light and principles of harmony throughout the world.

“Through the Creator all things are possible. We assist the individual and collective expansion through global awareness, personal expansion and knowledge.”


                                                      . . . . . . . . Rev. Jill Marie, founder of Serenity Ministries

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In S. E. Queensland, Australia: Serenity Fellowship happens in Ipswich:  in 2017.

* Ipswich: Queens Park:

1st Sunday of the Month at 9.30 -10.30 am at Queens Park - Ipswich

Above the little ceremony area above the Cafe - For the investment of Au$10 each - Children half price

Come and join in and bring a friend in a morning discovering love within Guided Mediation, Clearing and Shielding Processes through the implementation of the SVH tools

Bring your Own Blanket or Chair to join in the fun - Children Welcome, no charge.

Contact Megan Maher or call: 0403-370 430

  1. *more info - check the web site.

Service is for about 1-2 hours and a payment is appreciated.

In Dalby - Contact Val Price on 07-4692 7759.

Check out BOOKS: Michael is the author of ‘Angels are Real’; “Playing with Angels”

and ‘Angel and Fairy Alphabet’.

  If you need HELP in life - we have Free Help

Duplicate Love & Light - click here


Here is an email of appreciation ~ about Serenity Fellowship:

Hi Michael,  I very much appreciate all that you are and do.  I'm looking forward to our Fellowship on Sunday, as always.  I just love it.  Thank you.  I used to work for an organisation called xxx, not the gardening variety but mental health.  In one of the readings we had, there was a part "to Linda for being", well my message to you is "to Michael for being".  Isn't that beautiful, just for being.  You bring so much happiness and joy, just for being you.  See you Sunday.  Cheers!  A.”  - July 2013.