Working with your team of Angels


We help to bring the feeling and understanding of Angels down to Earth, in a practical and simple manner.

Angels may also be called Spiritual Guides, Wisdom Guides, Helpers, Guides, Protectors, Guardian Angels, Spirit, Wisdom Beings or Ancient Companions; please use whatever name is comfortable for you. There are also Masters, Healers, Archangels and beyond ... the Creator.

Remember you can always ask your Angels for help at any time: In present time: Call upon Archangel Michael (or the Angel or Archangel you are close to) and help will always be there: all you need to do is ask. If your request is about the future - write down your intentions or desired goals or result, that honors you and everyone else; then decide how you want to get to those goals, using integrity and honesty. Write your goals, even in priority order and pin them on the wall - so you can see where you are going and so your Angels can help you get there, because then, your intentions are known, and you are taking the first step to be successful. For help about the past - use any of the following exercises for letting go.  Go to Whispering - as an idea and suggestion.

Your Angels communicate with you about 60 times a day. Heed your dreams, make a note of them; Take a note of what your Angels suggest, you can hear them; Feel your Angels as they touch you on certain parts of your body or give you ‘goose bumps’ and trust that inner knowing you have. For communication info - click here.

You have chosen your ‘team’ of Angels or Guides because they have mastered what you are here to do and learn this lifetime. Most people have 2, 3 or 4 or more Angels, or you may have 5, 6, 7 or 9; depending on how many people you are here to meet this lifetime.

You made choices before you were born: You decided to be here on Earth for several reasons, usually to learn or experience something(s) - Thats why you are here. You chose when you were born, even if your parents were late/early. You chose who would be your parents - and no one made a mistake and with that information you knew what you would look like. You also chose where you were born, as part of your learning process. You also chose how you would communicate, using 4 ‘gifts’.

At the moment of your conception you were joined by 2 Angels who were with you all the time in the womb and at the wonderful moment of your birth, all the Masters, Angels, ArchAngels, Guides and the Creator and Divine Mother were there to welcome you. They celebrated your magnificence and your awesome choice to be here.

Book a meeting with your team: because you are the managing director and they are the board members - so make a date and time for a meeting and for example, get them to sit around the dining room table and have a meeting about your life. Ask them for a name or idea how they help you, get them to give you ideas and suggestions.

Plan with your team: It is important that you have a plan. Write it down and then pin it on the wall. Then your Angels can see where you are going to and you remind yourself where you are going. If something gets in your way moving forward, then go to your list and remind yourself what your dreams are and your intention. For ideas & more: go to Angels Whispers

'We are never alone, our Angels, Guides or Helpers are always there, with us, and we also have the backing of the whole Universe'... from "Angels are Real" by Michael Francis Bray.

Whispering web site:  enjoy this very special prayer to the Angels

  Need HELP?: As an 'Angel in training', your choice to use any spiritual exercises really helps you shift your Consciousness and also Community/humanity Consciousness on the planet and in your universe:  If you need HELP in life - we have Free Help / Healing with your Angels

As a suggestion use Whispering to achieve goals and dreams

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and ‘Angel and Fairy Alphabet’.

Disclaimer: Some things on this site are an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please disregard the idea and decide what you want or choose to believe.

Some ideas you can use to understand and connect with your team,

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