Angel Information


Who are Angels?

They may be called Spiritual Guides, Helpers, Guardian Angels, Wisdom Guides or Spirit. They can also be called: Ancient Companions, Guides, Beings, Messengers of God, Archetypes, Wisdom Beings, Escorts, Divine Messengers, Ancestors, Protectors, Attendant Spirits or the Holy Spirit. There are Masters, Healers, Archangels and more. Please use whatever name is comfortable for you.

From another viewpoint they could be called Elves, Gnomes or Nature Spirits in the world / universe of nature or even Imaginary Friends.

They only work with the vibration of appreciation and unconditional love. They are not attached to any religion or belief system, as they are above that realm of dogma and rules, that seems to limit humans on planet earth. Angels wait for your request, so if the Angel picture above looks like one of your Angels, do no forget to ask for help or assistance. They will be right there.


Where are they?

They can be everywhere and anywhere at anytime, in your universe or any universe and beyond that.


What are Angels?

They are positive, loving Awareness or energy. They have mastered everything they needed to on planet earth and they have graduated. You are an Angel in training and you may have known some of your team of Angels, Masters or Guides in a previous lifetime.


How do they communicate? - more info: How your Angels communicate with you

Angels communicate four ways: The colour I have used below usually represents that mode of communication.

Feelings: You will feel them around, like 'goose bumps'. Its a positive uplifting feeling. You will feel your way through life, you enjoy details, so If it feels good, do it.

Knowing: You just know. Trust it. Its an inner knowing and it is best you go with it. Sometimes a bit weird, but just flow. You are fun & the centre of every party, enjoy it all.

Auditory: You will hear your Angels, they will use a specific tone that is familiar to you. They will not tell you what to do; they will only give you a suggestion, because they respect your free will.

Visually: You will see energy, usually around people, animals or things. You will see aura colours and you usually dream in colour and how you see yourself and others is important to you. Angels usually look like spheres or balls of light. They may be different colours, sizes and shapes. They can appear to you in any way they choose.

Everyone uses all four of these 'gifts' of communication, however you may be prominent in one or two. It is best you experience all four, for your learning and growth.


How many Angels do I have?

Everyone has at least 2 to 3 Angels. Some people have 5, 7, 9 or more. If you are here to meet people, you will have more, because you need more help. You may get extra Angels, Masters or Guides around you if you ask for help or if you are experiencing an interesting or learning time in your life. It is beneficial you set goals for your life: write them down and let your Angels know what your goals are - maybe hang them on the wall, to remind yourself where you are going, and then your team of Angels can read them and help you get there. See Angel Profiles - info about your team


I'm pregnant - what happens with the Angels?

If you are pregnant, you will notice or feel extra energy around you, because the baby(s) Angels are around them too. You have a glow about you. Usually 2 Angels are there at the moment of conception and more Angels come in around the 4th or 5th month. Their numbers increase as the baby(s) grow and the Angels and thousands of Masters, ArchAngels, Guides and Helpers are definitely there at the birth, plus the extra Angels the baby(s) have chosen  for life. Everyone has a birth Angel, or Angels. This is why it is very important that you allow the baby to choose when it is born. The baby(s) has a specific plan too, and their timing is unique for them. The SVH Angelic Rebirthing process is available as a Serenity Vibration Healing. This meditation is very important as it changes everything that happened in the womb, from the moment of conception, to love. If anyone had a difficult birth, a cesarean section birth or some judgment during their gestation period, this meditation is highly recommended. Michaels book ‘Playing with Angels’ gives you great insights about being pregnant and what is happening to the baby/babies.


Who do you ask for help? - here is an idea:

"Yesterday while giving respite to a young client I couldn't help but notice the statues of Mary that were around houses and public places in the area I was visiting. Normally I would assume that it was in a catholic community and think no more of it however I was reminded by my Angelic teachers my attention was being drawn to the 'Mother of Compassion'. So often we hear people say "Ask your Angels," but very few give a name or reference point to begin with.

I remember as a child being taught that "catholic" meant universal and Mary was the mother of Jesus. It was only in later years of spiritual study that I learned about her as an entity the 'Mother of Compassion'. How does this tie in with Angels you ask? Angelic beings do have names, some we are very familiar with and one I would like to focus on who works very well with our emotional state is Archangel Uriel. The Angel when called upon helps us to release anger and unforgiveness in our hearts and mind, clearing phsychological and emotional blocks. If you are willing to release these emotions and ask Archangel Uriel for help this will occur and you will be released from lower energies that halt your progress on your journey towards enlightenment.

Getting to know these two beautiful beings can bring peace to your heart."

In Love and Light, Patricia.

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Information about Angels or Guides:

We offer the following details as a guide only - it is a suggestion.

Many people have experienced their Angels in many ways and this information is just a ‘tip of the iceburg.’

Enjoy and keep exploring.

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