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  Healing in Australia, Europe & world-wide:                                             Duplicate Love & Light - click here

ArchAngel Michael and 2017 and beyond ~ highly recommended.

  1. *Payments & info page for books: on  /  Email

  2. *Fairy GOLDEN Healing - now on Vimeo ~

  3. *Serenity Fellowship - a community gathering & healing space

  4. *Angels Whispers - set goals and activate your dreams - in a new window

* Freedom Train - MP3

* It's a Wonderful World MP3  -  a reminder that it truly is wonderful.

* Meditation free MP3’s

* Being Human - click here

  1. *SVH Healing & travel - world-wide web site

  2. *Radiant Lights - Toowoomba - address change - m: 0427-333 572 or 07-4659 8040

  3. *About Love: The Divine Love - a lovely site for inspiration and much more - - in new window

  4. *Free HELP Pages - opens in a new window.  Free Help

  5. *Angel / Engelen info in Dutch / Flemish -  -  opens in a new window. Healing and Courses available. (Also available in english)

  6. * - Kyle Gray ~ helping people connect with their Angels and much more ~ web site

  7. *Learn to be an SVH Practitioner - click here

Help kids:

* Angels Whispers - pray to your Angels for help, guidance, goals and comfort - free healing included - opens in a new window.

* Happy Parents Happy Kids:- Janice Paton author of 'How to say NO to our kids'. Contact Janice : email

* Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation: encourage sick kids to donate their organs - Zaidee died suddenly in December 2004 and she was the only child under 16 years to donate her organs and tissues in Victoria, Australia during 2004: - Buy Zaidee's Rainbow shoe laces from The Athlete's Foot shops.

  1. *Gnome's Mill: home of Divine Mother's Holy Tree and Gnome Park & Mill - a great place to visit for kids big & small: 826 Lilydale-Jackadgery Rd. Lilydale 2460 - west of Grafton NSW. Features art works and much more by John Gary Cook. Viewing by appointment: 02-6647 3249. Weekends and Public Holidays only.

Angels in Europe or around the world:

  1. * - An Angel site in Belgium - from Annelies in Ghent. Highly recommended. In Flemish / Dutch - and in English. Also Reiki Healing.

  2. *Energy Healing with your Angels (This site) - contact Michael - available world-wide by telephone.  email

  3. *Amber is a spiritual shop at 18 Mary St Galway, H91 F7K4, Ireland. +353 (0)91 567 756. ~ great holistic gifts, services and wonderful staff.

*The Angel Hamlet, based in the UK - web site - opens in a new window

*‘Angels in my Hair’ by Lorna Byrne, famous Irish lady who sees Angels & travels around sharing her experiences -

* Kyle Gray ~ helping people connect with their Angels and much more ~ web site UK & Europe

Healthy body:

* The Eumundi Medicine Man - The Ayurvedic Herb Shop - (Check street number!) Main St. Palmwoods Qld. web site - 07-5478 8893 or 0411-297 448.


New media to change consciousness world-wide:

* THRIVE Movement - web site - the world is waking up!


Spiritual Churches in Australia: click here - in new window


Crystals: Australia and Ireland

  1. *Radiant Lights - Toowoomba - address change - m: 0427-333 572 or 07-4659 8040

  2. *Amber is a spiritual shop at 18 Mary St Galway, H91 F7K4, Ireland. +353 (0)91 567 756.


Accommodation ~ in Australia:

* Mary’s Place - Ipswich QLD. Beautiful old-style B & B opposite Ipswich Hospital. 5 Court Street.  0401-358 855 email  Highly recommended.

* Rydal Mount, country accommodation & Conference Centre, Rydal NSW. Just 15 minutes from Lithgow & 40 minutes from Bathurst. A great place. Sleep in the Railway Station! Ph.: 02-6355 6368

  1. *Farm Cottage B & B, near Bendemeer, between Tamworth & Uralla - a lovely space/place. Contact Andrew or Nicole: 02-6769 6408 web site

  2. *In Scone, NSW: Isis Motel, on the New England Hwy. at the southern entrance to Scone. 02-6564 1100 web


Angel Greetings -

* - free cards


Wonderful Food:

  1. *Outback Pride: Australian Native Foods: great variety of food from the heart - Princes Highway, Reedy Creek SA 5275. 08-8768 7220 web site

  2. *In Arras, NE France - the best vegetarian restaurant: MezzaLuna, 10 rue Gambetta, Arras. (near the rail station (gare)


 For Wonderful Healing:

  1. *Serenity Vibration Healing™ & Enlightenment: click here - Feel amazing, release, explore & experience Angelic re-birthing.

  2. *Radiant Lights,  address change - m: 0427-333 572

  3. *Visit Angels Whispers - click here

  4. *Reflexology: Ann Serruys, Ghent, Belgium. At the ParKKoffee, Gent July & August. Flemish & English  - 0468-583 377 or email

* Intuitive Guidance with Paula Shaw: using Tarot, Astrology & Spiritual Counselling: m: 0401-959 905

* Have you visited Go Gratitude? -

* John Paul Sutton: wax art - Central Coast NSW: 02-4333 1857 or web site

* Lisa Joy Sawyer: Clairvoyant, Medium, Reiki Master: Ph.: 0402-222 650 email

* In Greece: Spirit of Athens and Angels House University - web site on FB. In a new window.

* - for wonderful healing on the net.

* Sacred Silk Cloths, Seeded with the energy of Lemurian Crystals & hand painted : Simply Beautiful : Margaret Rush : 02-9922 3104.

* Healing, Medium & Courses: The Essene Connection: Yasha Lavie: or email.

* Breathing Therapist: in Mosman, Sydney: Catherine Vitali: 02-99605085 or Especially for Asthma, also for posture, relaxing and healing.

* Christine Langley - Guided by her Angels, Christine does Tea leaves, Palmistry, Angel readings, Tarot, Psychometry and she also helps people to get in touch with there own Psychic abilities... email:

  1. *Deborah Robbs: Guided Angel Paintings and an energy healer who works with AAMicheal and AARaphal in healing work. 'I am trained to do Hawiian Massage and work with the healing energy and sent it to the person I am working with'. Email: - I live in Warwick, Queensland. Phone :  0408-183377.


* Lovely art, nature, Angels in Toowoomba and area: Terese 0448-796 794.

* Dianne Hoft - wonderful Australian silk art, highly recommended - now in Gympie, QLD.

* Nada HG: Visionary art classes in Toowoomba, Qld. web site

* John Sutton: wax art - Central Coast NSW: 02-4333 1857 or 0401-153 648

* Deborah Robbs: Guided Angel Paintings & Angel art: 0408-183377 in Warwick, Qld.

* Great Spiritual products, gifts hand-made in Beaconsfield, Vic. - - 0413-993 128 (9am-5pm) AEST, Mon to Fri. only. 


Rainbow Spirit - publishers of 'Angels are Real' ; ‘Angels are Real 2’; ‘Angel and Fairy Alphabet’ & ‘Playing with Angels’

    Books~ payments and info page on  welcome page



Shops & Information:

* Radiant Lights - Toowoomba - address change - m: 0427-333 572 or 07-4659 8040

* In Sydney: a Crystal & Feng Shui shop in Revesby - JOPO

* Toowoomba area, Qld. - shops, healing & info

  1. *In Springwood NSW: 'Alternative Influence' - gifts, clothing, artifacts and much more. 234 Macquarie Rd. Springwood (opposite railway station) (02) 47 516 515. A great shop.

Military TOURS:

If you would like to experience fully guided tours of military history in Europe - I recommend

The Battlefields Experience - Based in Arras, NE France and speaking English, French and Dutch ~ a wonderful team provides a great and memorable tour.

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  Interesting Spiritual/Healing www sites:

Please note that these are links only and not endorsements of other businesses - This site respects and acknowledges all beliefs and does not endorse any church, belief system, religion or any practice or modality.

* Serenity Vibration Healing - web site

* Spirituality, Leadership & Management Conferences, Australia (SLaM)

*  Kerrie Wearing - or

* Have you visited Go Gratitude? -

* - I love the daily messages that Mike Dooley brings through from "The Universe"; personally addressed, so spot on, so many times, for the energy of my day! So wonderful to receive a message that is so from the world of unity consciousness.

* - James Twyman is a Spiritual Peacemaker, working with the New Children, and a myriad of other things, including Spiritual Cinema, which I love. I very much admire his work, and take part in the Peace meditations he instigates whenever possible.

* Toowoomba area, Qld.

  1. *Australian Native Bushfoods - Wattleseed Products: ph: 08-8595 5144.

* Outback Pride: Australian Native Foods 08-8768 7220 /  @ Reedy Creek South Australia 5275

  1. * (available in 18 languages)

* Addiction Resources: awareness of the dangers and helps local USA communities - web site - opens in a new window.

  1. *Crystal suncatchers, oil warmers, incense holders, crystal & pewter jewellery ~ Catching Angels ~

If you need HELP in life - we have FREE HELP pages here

Check out 5 BOOKS by Michael Francis Bray ~ about Angels and life.


We all need to remember that everything is a suggestion, no a command. Please discern what is OK for your truth and trust your heart - it knows; before acting.

Please note that these are links only and not endorsements of other businesses - This site respects and acknowledges all beliefs and does not endorse any church, belief system, religion or any practice or modality.  Disclaimer: Some things on this site are an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please disregard the idea and decide what you want or choose to believe.

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