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Do you long to know your purpose?

Do you feel blocked?

Have you reached a plateau in your personal progression?

This transformational seminar series is for you.

Mastery doesn’t have to be an arduous journey! It can be fun. Create an Abundant, Joyful and Vibrant Life. Read and listen to the descriptions of each seminar and register for the whole series or purchase them one at a time. These seminars can be implemented in any order.

Each seminar segment is tantamount to a three hour SVH transformational reformatting session, utilizing advanced tools to release the barriers and blocks that can obstruct the ideal life.

Listen online, on your MP3 player or download and burn to CD.

You already know the Secret of creation energy forming your reality. These seminars address how you can affect the changes you are choosing and how you can design the life that can and will be yours.

We have the ability to create our reality. In a world where creation energy abounds and fuels every reality we experience, we have a choice to stay in the reality we have co-created or to elevate.

What are you going to choose? Are you going to keep doing what you’ve been doing or take a leap and create a new reality?

Each three hour tele-seminar is timeless, so even if the live seminar date is past, you have unlimited access to each recorded seminar you registered for.

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‘Acceptance of Self’ - New Life Tele-Seminar # 8

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