Fairy Golden Healing ~

7:27 minutes of a very special healing to help you feel your amazing energy and know that your inner sparkle is activated and glowing through your whole body ~ using Love and Light.

Enjoy this wonderful healing.

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Angels Movie time

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Angels Whispers 1.2 ~

13:33 minutes of discovering your inner love and how you can heal and love your whole body ~ at any time, using your Love and Light.

It’s a healing and meditation combined ~ Enjoy

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New movie ~ Universal Journey, Go exploring with your winged companion.

16 minutes - Enjoy

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Duplicate Love & Light - click here

AND .....

The 5th Dimension~Age of Aquarius (1969)

Just so you get an idea of where earth is now


If you ever need uplifting music - I recommend La Bamba by Playingforchange.com


Fairy Golden Healing - https://vimeo.com/225799319 on Vimeo

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Have you ever wondered about Fairies? Are they Real?

Are they like how Hollywood portrays them?