A NEW EARTH ~ 21 AUG. 2017


A Day of Reverence Held for the Evolution of Earth

A message from Gaia

“There is much written and spoken about this day and surely your heart is calling to step in to a role of service that you feel reaching out to be claimed and put to action.

I ask that you listen to any inner call to vigilance on this day and indeed every day to come.

See our world of us as it can be…and surely will rise to achieve, for it is our destiny. Take the time to vision goodness and hold only that glory for your words and actions and thoughts to propagate.

Consciously hold a glorious vision of Earth with never a wavering thought to disassociate you from the utopian realm you are focusing to claim as our reality and for the all those willing to accept such favour.

Be the vision of your flavour of utopia and honour the ideas of the land of light others might choose, knowing that the evolution of us will perhaps reflect technology until such is the time when thoughts form in a manner free of the need for such antiquations.

Remember your truth, your value and rain unconditional love on to everything that is.

You are.”