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    The TRUTH about Fairies - especially on this Angels site ~ Click HERE

Here is a beautiful 3 minute video about fungi - it is magical. Paul Stamets shares that nature is a force of good - it is a spirit. He quotes “The spirit of goodness will survive”.  Also visit:      Enjoy.






     Gnomes ~ more info here  + Michael’s NEW ‘Fairies are Real’ book & ebook

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"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better" ..... Albert Einstein.

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Fairies, Gnomes, Elves & their gardens

In my quest to explore more of ‘Spirit’ I have always been fascinated by the unseen, especially in nature. I have always believed there is much more out there and I feel it any time I venture into a nature or forest area. I was once living near a natural labyrinth which I am continuing to explore and I am now talking to Pan, Green Man, and the local Fairies & Elves. It is amazing. I also have a healing from the Fairies - click here. I also know I have Gnomes always following me - quiet fun and uplifting at all times. Enjoy this page. Fairy book

Fairy Golden Healing - 7.27 minutes on YouTube - Ignite your inner sparkle

NEW: ‘Fairies are Real’ by Michael - book & ebook

+ The TRUTH about Fairies - click here

Here are some pics from the natural labyrinth ~ Tilee’s garden in Southern France

A wee bit about Gnomes too - click here. Opens in a new window.

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