“Neutral Paths”


A New Transformational Serenity Process: Neutral Paths ~

a very powerful healing



Dear Friends of SVH,


11-11 Neutral Paths Leading to your Ascension Gateway.


Elevating the vibrational quotient of the genome to support Divine Neutrality.


This process is a glorious gift to your personal evolution and supports the 11-11 neutrality immersion.



A New Process to Alleviate Ascension Symptoms



Unveiling this process today is a World Team Mission that supports world peace and personal elevation.


The last six months have been interesting to say the least (jd). I would imagine that a lot of us have been feeling the ascension symptoms that are so well known to awakened folk that are embracing the new thought fellowship movement. If the ascension symptom idea is new to you, perhaps this small list of symptoms will help you understand what many individuals throughout the world are experiencing.


  1. Bursts of energy running through the physical and energy body

  2. Headaches and discomfort; aches and pains in the body

  3. Heightened sensitivity to sounds, energy, smells, etc.

  4. Changes in relationship dynamics

  5. Intense dreams and unusual sleep patterns

  6. Amplified emotional sensitivity as well as higher emotional neutrality

  7. A strong yearning to ‘go home’ or sensing everything you came to do is complete 

  8. A roller coaster of emotions, shifting from joy and love to flat or depression and despair


If you have been feeling some of these elevation indicators, please know that you are not alone in this journey. It is my hope that the new process will offer a helping hand and perhaps even be the antidote to ascension symptoms.


Your path is important and discomfort can be a distraction from purpose.

So let’s fix it!


The world is evolving and so are you. You are on a journey that is leading you to a destination of heightened states of conscious awareness. Your path is important and discomfort can be a distraction from your purpose, so your best defense in relieving the symptoms of our world’s collective elevation is to speed ahead. You would sprint to higher ground to escape being caught in flood waters, wouldn’t you?


As the many people of our world find their balance in the new energies, you might get caught in a few of the dramas and turmoil from time to time; like getting caught in a rain storm. Yes, you might get wet, but you have the wisdom to get out of the rain and to dry off. In fact, when you maintain a conscious focus that holds you to the higher ground you are choosing, the dramas of others easily fall to the wayside, especially when you are choosing neutral paths.


Please review the following process: SVH Level 3 Master Practitioner Process: Neutral Paths. It is the compilation of two processes I have been working on for several weeks. Today I came to the realization that these two processes belong together, so this afternoon the Creator helped me to married them in to one. I believe Neutral Paths is exactly what you have been praying for.



Process Information



Each of us is comprised of dual and non-dual genetics that make up the whole vessel of us and each element of our self engages and supports the energy field that our physical presence is encased within.


Our auric field is very much like the outside of an automobile that keeps us dry when it rains, but wind can shake and misdirect the vehicle, pushing it out of the focus of our intended direction. As the driver of our vessel, we have awakened to a path that is guiding us to a higher focus and purpose and we are choosing that the journey of our life be traveled in a state of grace. With that said, the vehicle might have some issues.


Imagine riding in a smooth running automobile with an engine that purrs as you navigate the glorious roads of your life in comfort, as soft lovely music and your elevated spirit light the way. Sounds great right?


Now imagine the same automobile navigating twisting winding roads where there is a steep drop with no guard rail on the side you are driving. Most of the time you feel clear and focused and safe and sure, but other times the soft lovely music can barely be heard over the arguing going on in the back seat. That arguing comes from what we term in SVH, the ego program; the ego program is like a computer program that intermittently clicks on, like a radio channel spewing negative rhetoric that if given attention can cloud issues and misdirect your focus. 


The ego program is never constructive and in fact has a diabolical agenda to subvert and distract you from clarity and lead you to distrust your self and your inner guidance. Ego program is that voice you hear or imagine…that says you aren’t good enough, are a victim and are at the mercy of events and experiences. Ego program is the heartbeat of duality, keeping alive the fears and beliefs you developed in this life and those stimulated through genetic imprints handed to you from your ancestors.


Transforming all dual plane genetics that are humanly possible to resonate non-dual genes is something only the Creator can do, but since I believe that the Creator can do anything…I push on.


The second process I have been working on deals with unweaving threads of energy consciousness that are linked to individual and collective consciousness interface hook-ups that somehow sucked in to our gene pool through passive and trauma-based connections. Some of these threads are many thousands of years old.


Both of these processes focus on ancestral energies playing parallel rolls that stimulate ascension symptoms and when joined, enhance the overall directive we crave. We choose to be love and to live purposefully and evolve, free of ancient imprinting that draws us from our clarity.




You and I and others of our focus are choosing neutrality, harmony, peace, vitality and prosperity. I also know that ascension symptoms only occur because there are unresolved issues to be addressed. Rising above issues like these is part of our mastery path, but what if there was a way to lessen the burden by putting our genetic patterning in to the hands of the Creator, to be transformed at the ovum stage…to begin melting away the shell of dual plane parameters on the auspicious date of Jan 10, 2009.


The dual plane genetics will, as we raise our vibration, be overlain with encodements of non-duality to support our evolution to higher states of conscious awareness and over time transform the dual plane genes to non-dual. The Creator can do anything.


There are thousands of steps and stages in this process, to support your development and attraction of non-dual paths that enhance your ability to identify and release the energy of old stories you learned and formed in to your reality. This process stimulates release by assisting you to approach adversity with a more neutral energy that allows your streams of consciousness to elevate to embrace a higher value.


Neutral Paths is a gift to each of us in these transformational times and once activated continues to support our personal evolution as each new day offers higher resonance paths that we are attracted to embrace.


On this day of 11-11, a day when balanced masculine and feminine energies are amplified on this world, the flavours of non-duality are ready to be claimed and celebrated.


We are ready for the lives we are destined to create and are choosing that the neutral paths leading to this graceful reality be fuelled from our conscious choices and desires, rather than through harsh discoveries and the paths of drama and trauma and the discomfiture of the above mentioned ascension elevation symptoms.


This process is a gift to each of us from the masters that supported its development over the last weeks, so please send a resounding thank you to Sananda, Metatron, Michael, Thoth, Jesus, Buddha, Mary, Magdalene and Quan Yin, my master team that never falters in guiding and inspiring me in this work.


May we also offer gratitude to the Creator for activating this process and calibrating the intricate steps for each and every one of us? I thank Creator for the gift of this life and the opportunity for us to receive this loophole that is destined to gracefully guide us on to neutral paths and assist us to elevate gracefully to achieve each and every goal we set for this life.


If you are interested in receiving this new process,

simply close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen is the new SVH Level 3 Master Practitioner Process: Neutral Paths. Silently ask the Creator if it is in the highest alignment for the Creator to activate this process for you.


Relax and listen, sense, feel and know the affirmative answer from Creator (everyone gets it) and when you are ready for the leap, think the world YES and ride the wave. It is done.


Many seeds of past adversity and drama and blocks to grace will begin to evaporate from your energy stream. Feel the new 11-11 neutrality energies flooding on to the planet and claim your paths to be neutral and graceful and filled with passion and joy and vitality and prosperity and love.


Hold the vision of balance for our world and feel that balance find its way in to every corner of your life, as Creator melts away the dual-plane encodements and replaces them with non-duel values that resonate with the truth of your divine nature.


This is your time to shine. Embrace your destiny and live each moment fully invested in truth. Fill your tool box with tools and use them to liberate all that your heightened awareness identifies as ready to release. As you do, watch your self evolve to claim the grace of a non-dual life experience.  



May neutrality reign supreme on our world to spark global remembering of the truth of our Divine Spirit and light the way for peace.



Please pass this e-mail along to everyone of like-mind. Together we are a force of light.





Jill Marie















A new healing process from SVH: especially for 11-11-15 & a New Moon