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In colour ~ the adventures of a new soul arriving on Planet Earth. How this soul explored, made decisions and then connected with its Angels ~ as a book and ebook + a Journal - in colour: Us$ 14.38 buy here

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My personal adventures with my Angels since age 5 - thats for 66 years. Available as a book & ebook. ‘Angels are Real  2’ out now too.
Positive words and inspiration for 
all ages ~ self-help when you    need it. 
As a book & ebook.

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In B&W - the adventures of a new soul on earth - as a book & ebook
‘Angels are Real 2’, more adventures with my team of Angels from 1993 to 2017. Bonus: Information about crystals and my past lives. As a book and ebook
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‘Fairies are Real’, truth about Fairies, Gnomes and conversations with them and info about many Nature Spirits. Book & Ebook

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