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Michael started traveling with his family in 1955, at age 9. This was on a DC-3 flight from Sydney to an island near Forster in NSW. He has visited about 56 countries.

Travel has been in his blood and heart ever since.

He worked in the airline industry in Australia and Papua New Guinea for many years and also owned and managed a vegetarian restaurant in Lismore NSW. This was where he discovered more about his team of Angels.

On the back cover of his book “Angels are Real” first published in 1995 is quoted:

‘He has traveled the world sharing his inspiring spiritual understanding and how to work with Healing ......’

From 1983 he traveled through Australia and to New Zealand, the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, the UK, Scotland, all of Ireland and the Netherlands sharing about Angels and living a positive loving life; at public lectures, Psychic Fairs, courses and workshops.

Michael has had many media articles written about his adventures with Angels in large cities and country towns in many countries.

Since 1996 his intention to travel is about helping HUmanity and healing the planet, plus enjoy the many people and locations and differences on this wonderful planet, Earth. He has also worked with people in France, Belgium, Sweden and Cyprus, plus he is also on a mission to heal old and current war energies on every level of Gaia - see crystals and scroll down.

He has also been on a campaign to drop crystals in many locations to support this ideal - see also Crystals ~ opens in a new window.

Check out 6 BOOKS: Michael is the author of ‘Angels are Real’, 1 and 2; ‘Angel and Fairy Alphabet’; ‘Fairies are Real’ and ‘Playing with Angels’.

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Michael has travelled to many places since 1955

(see also crystals)

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