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Angels may also be called Angelic Beings, Spiritual Guides, Wisdom Guides, Helpers, Guides, Protectors, Guardian Angels, Spirit, Wisdom Beings, Spirit Guides, Guardians, Invisible Friends, Morning Stars, Heavenly Hosts, Angels of God or Ancient Companions. Please use whatever name is comfortable for you. There are Masters, Healers, Archangels, Divine Mother and .........  the Creator

Bringing the idea, feeling and understanding of Angels or Guides down to earth, in a practical and inspiring manner. Remember: you are never alone, your Angels are always with you 24/7.

We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe,

to learn, to grow, to love, and then we return home.   Australian Aboriginal proverb.


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~The story of a new soul arriving & exploring on Earth ~

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    ~An autobiography with Angels & Guides~

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An autobiography with my Angels plus insights and practical info to inspire you,

from 1951 to 1992.

Reviews ~ ‘Angels are Real’: * Thank you for a book that doesn't preach, tell how things must be done (I think everyone has their own way), and accepts that we do have options. Ali. -- Ali

* You have some wonderful insights & perspectives you share, and your spirit comes through so strongly in it, it's been a real pleasure. It's lovely. -- Guy

~Positive words and inspiration from all of the alphabet~

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Reviews ~ ‘Angel and Fairy Alphabet’:

“That Angel and Fairy Alphabet.  It keeps jumping out of my bookshelf when I least expect it.” ... P, Australia.

"You", well, your book I should say :-), "Angel and Fairy Alphabet",  is at hands reach at home, and I regularly open it and pluck some sentences for the day...   C,  Belgium.

“ It is so positive ~ the one word that comes to my mind is: Hope ”

  ... W,  France.


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‘Angels are Real 2’ ~ Continuing along from my first autobiography about life with Angels, this book covers the years 1993 to 2017. It has even more adventures and great insights into how my Angels helped me in my life. 

It also covers 2 extra areas:

* Using crystals to heal and support change   and

* My Past Lives.

146 pages. Enjoy  

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        “Fairies are Real”

Physical stories, explanations and the truth about Fairies, Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns, Dragons, Unicorns or Spirit living on or in Earth / Gaia and the Universes. Includes conversations with Fairies in 2 countries and Gnomes. Plus a special gift from a Fairy.

Revealing the truth and understanding about Nature Spirits, in a practical and down to earth, respectful manner. A wonderful way to go exploring in nature.

108 pages ~ get a book here - for Us$12.55 + postage

NOW Available as an ebook: click here

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