Angels Whispers - Healing


Please enjoy this unique healing prayer which reminds you that you are Love.

It is like a relaxed healing and meditation combined - 13.33 minutes.

I have used whispering, which is a unique way to communicate with your Angels, Guides, Masters and the Creator or Divine Mother.

This whisper is all about Love. Reminding you that you are 100% Love and the  recording takes you to a very special place / space within you.

You also receive a tool, so that at any time, you can return to your ‘Love’ space.

Your words to remember are: “Love” and “Angels, Angels Everywhere”. Enjoy.


Angels Whispers on YouTube - CLICK HERE, Enjoy

Here is an MP3 about Angels Whispering - Healing and Love

Whispering web site: - enjoy

Check out BOOKS: Michael is the author of ‘Angels are Real’; ‘Playing with Angels’

and ‘Angel and Fairy Alphabet’.

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